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August, 2005

Paul Newman and Don Bleu Race for Charity at the San Jose Grand Prix

Paul Newman, at age 80, still remains a passionate race car driver.

Whether it's co-owning the powerful Newman/Haas Racing team or getting behind the wheel and driving himself, he has proven to the world that the competiotion witin him is very strong.

On Friday, July 29th, Newman stopped by the GKR track to get a feel for the karts before Saturday's Canary Fund Charity Race at the San Jose Grand Prix. Like most teenagers, Jordan Jadallah (one of our junior Leagues Racer) didn't know the name Paul Newman, but that didn't stop him from leading Newman around the track for a good hour. They stopped every so often to find better techniques.

"Just like with my film career, I don't seem to be able to retire from it," Newman said, "but, I'm a very competetive guy. There's really no way that you can compete as an actor. But in racing, it's just simple and clean. It's just you and everyone else on the course. You either get to the finish line or you don't. You either finish first, or you don't."

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On Saturday, July 30th, Newman was showing his competetiveness by participating in a go-kart event that pitted him and Don Bleu (K101-FM) against 18 CEOs. At an entry fee of $7500.00, the event raised $137,000 which will be shared among the Canary Fund for early cancer detection, Newman's Own Hole in the Wall Gang association for needy kids and the San Jose Children's Discovery Museum.

Newman wasn't kidding about being competetive. He finished fifth overall. He was gracious, but he looked a bit frazzled about being nudged into a hay bale on the first lap, costing him a chance to finish higher.

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