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The Comparison
  GoKart Racer   Nearest Competitor
Pricing & Sessions
   Hot Laps   $2.50/minute ($25/10 minutes)   $3.33/minute ($20/6 minutes)
   Triple Shot *   $1.50/minute ($45/30 minutes)   $2.22/minute ($40/18 minutes)
   Race (by position not best lap)   $2.25/minute ($45/20 minutes)   Not Offered
         *Only available Tues.-Thurs.
Safety Items
   Neck Support   YES   NO
   Racing Suit   YES   NO
   4-Point Seat Belts   YES   NO
   Adjustable Seat   YES   NO
Experience & Performance
   Driving Quality   Good (Real Racing Chassis)   Poor (Amusement Park Chassis)
   GoKart Equality   Good (Biofuel motors always run equal)   Poor (depends on battery age & charge)
   Racing Equality   Larger customers have lighter gokarts   Smaller customers have fastest lap times
   Wait-time   Minimal (2 large tracks)   Long (only 1 short track)
   Track Variety   3 tracks & bridge   1 track
   Power-to-Weight Ratio   1 HP per 36 lbs (better)   1 HP per 42 lbs (inferior)
   GoKart Weight   325 lbs   440 lbs
Environmental Impact
   Overall Environmental Impact   Low   High
   Power Source   E85 Biofuel (85% renewable energy)   Electricity (50% nonrenewable)
   Annual Resources per Gokart   10 qts oil (recycled)   12 large lead acid car batteries