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We have a full fleet of Sodi RX7 European racing karts. Engineered by Sodi Kart in Europe, these advanced karts deliver an unparalleled combination of speed, handling and safety for drivers of all ages, sizes and skill levels.


  • All around RX7 shock-absorbing bumper system (Patent Pending)
  • Four-point racing harness and roll bar
  • 9HP Honda Engine
  • 2:1 gear reduction Honda centrifugal wet clutch
  • Sport exhaust
  • High performance hydraulic brakes
  • Fully covered engine protects driver from potential dirt and grime
  • Brake disk and sprocket protector plates
  • Adjustable, sliding pedals with red and green paint for easy identification (Patent Pending)
  • Floor tray to cover steering rods
  • Fully enclosed fuel tank
  • Advanced Anti-gas/brake system

All of our karts are identical. We have added ballast weight to the karts with small and medium seats to eliminate any advantage that could be gained by lighter racers, so you can be sure that racing skill is the only advantage any driver may have! Our karts can reach about 35 miles per hour on our tracks with a good driver. The tight turns and short straights keep the karts from reaching their true top speed for safety reasons. Click here to see their true top speed. 

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