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Lazer Maze Challenge
$10 for 3 attempts at your mission, or $4 for 1 attempt
Gokart Racer Lazer Maze

We have a new attraction at our facility called The Vault Assault Lazer Maze!

In this game, players break into the vault shared by some of the world's most notorious criminals in order to access the computer terminal inside and transfer funds from their account into the account of a charitable organization. To accomplish this mission, players must first avoid detection by getting past the sophisticated network of lasers, pass a biometric scan of their hand, and enter the revealed code. If the mission is not completed under 3 minutes, you are busted!

Each broken beam and error made during code entry results in penalty time and reduces the dollar amount transferred to the charity.

Each game only takes about an average of 1 minute, but up to 3 minutes maximum. Because of this, there is always availability to play this game, so we do not take reservations; it is always run on a first come first serve basis.

There are no age restrictions to play this game!

For more information, email
     or call us at 650-692-7223 x0.
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