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Sundays 5pm-9pm & Mondays 12pm-10pm the Yokohama and Monza Tracks are combined to create our SuperTrack. This course has over 20 left and right turns, 2 chicanes, and an elevation change. The length is over 3/8 of a mile with average lap times of over 1 minute. This is the longest indoor track in the United States!

*** No Kid Karts or Junior Karts are allowed on the SuperTrack.

Regular Pricing

Super Hot Laps: $35. Each additional Super Hot Laps $30.
   A Super Hot Laps is a 15 minute session. You are racing for your single fastest lap time against other people on the track.

Super Race: $50. Each additional Super Race $45.
   A Super Race begins with a 5 minute Qualifying session, that is scored by fastest lap time. As the qualifying session ends, the racers are lined up on the starting grid, based on your qualifying time, for a 15 minute race to cross the finish line first.

Super Grand Prix: $75 (Great for Groups)
   Drivers go out for 15 minutes of practice (Super Hot Laps), take a 10 minute break and look at their race results (brag a little), then go back for 5 minutes of qualifying, line up on the starting grid and race for 15 minutes to cross the finish line first.

Happy Hour Pricing

Come in between 12-4pm on Monday and receive $5 off each session. (Sessions must be completed no later than 4:00 PM)

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